Saturday, 21 December 2013

The sound of the Huracán

The big day has come and Lamborghini has finally revealed the long awaited successor of the Gallardo which now is known as the Huracán.

In order to tease the enthusiasts, Lamborghini has realized a web series called " Hexagon project " and the 4th and final episode let us see the protagonists heading into a room which keeps the new supercar but that's not all, they grab the keys and drive it like it's meant to be driven in the streets of the Lamborghini factory.

As we have previously said, the Huracán is fitted with a double clutch transmission and it really sounds fast and improved compared to the previous E-Gear of the Gallardo. Although it's AWD, the car seems effortless to attempt some smoky donuts and gosh, the exhaust note is thrilling and the flames popping out is just the icing on the cake!


  1. AWD, not 4WD, know the difference.

  2. finally one of the ultimate Lamborghini that i like: from design(less exaggerated), to awd traction(not 4wd) and the sound.

  3. The sound is amazing and I almost hear it!
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